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Shadina Blunt, Founder and Owner

Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting in Atlanta, Georgia helps change people’s lives by making their baby dreams come true. We assist women dealing with infertility or medical difficulty conceiving by offering surrogacy services. For more information, talk to us today. 

A Passion for Helping Women

and Families

We have first hand experience in being a surrogate, having gone through the process twice. These opportunities strengthened my passion and resolve to help as many people as possible in bringing unimaginable happiness in their lives.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to eliminate the complexity of the process that surrogacy can bring. We manage the moving legal, medical, and emotional aspects of surrogacy. In addition, We provide coordination assistance for all the information and communication needed to make this a smooth process.


  • Age between 21- 40 years old
  • Pass Mental Health Evaluation
  • Pass Drug Screen
  • Pass Medical Clearance & Screenings

  • Clear Background Check
  • Live in Surrogacy friendly state

  • Provide Medical Documentation of Medical History and Past Pregnancies
  • Go Through Home Visits


Shadina started motherhood  early in life at the age of 17—her daughter now being  18. She always wondered what the blessing was going to be behind that life-altering event.

Shadina started her professional healthcare journey in 2006 working in an OB-GYN care and continued that path for 10 plus years. Day in and day out, she would see women come into her office for infertility issues and attempting to get pregnant. She would see women try for years with no success, or women get pregnant and suffer multiple losses.

Shadina states" I remember to this day a patient coming in for an ultrasound to check on her pregnancy as she was high risk with multiple losses and to find out that she had another loss at 16 weeks. I looked down the practice hall as the lady walked away in tears and I said ‘Lord, if I could help just one woman I would be satisfied’."

A couple of years went by, and Shadina had a  friend who needed help in getting pregnant. With no hesitation, She offered to help her. With God's help she was able to conceive on her own and she was not needed that time.

Shadina knew then that this was a fire that still burned in my heart to complete. In 2015, divorced and living in Georgia with her three children, she met a young lady who was currently doing a surrogacy. She knew that this was the perfect time in her life to answer her calling and passion.

She was quickly matched, and her surrogacy story started from there. Fast-forward to today, she is proud to say that God has allowed her to complete not one, but two surrogacy experiences and help two families bring  miracles home.

Her second surrogacy experience was rather well known due to her intended parent’s celebrity public figure status. The process of the surrogacy was rather public and followed through filmed documentation of the surrogacy experience. Shadina says "I am not one for public display or TV, but overall it was great experience and my intended parents walked away happy with their healthy baby."

That experience has given Shadina the drive to continue her calling of bringing knowledge of surrogacy to her community and families all over. This blessing has help introduce Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting to the world and she is happy to share.

Shadina supports all surrogacy-friendly states, but it all started right here in Georgia. Welcome to Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting agency. We look forward to assisting you with your surrogacy experience.

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